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How to Sponsor a Child

Simply click on "Sponsor a Child" on the left menu to begin your search for a child you can help.

Sponsor a Dalit Child

Born into a system that says they have no value, most Dalit children have no hope to receive an education or break their cycle of poverty and bondage. Your gift of sponsorship will bring dignity and spiritual hope to these forgotten children.

What Does Your Sponsorship Cover?

For Can$33 a month you will be providing your child with a uniform, midday child meals (where needed), textbooks, and assistance to teacher salaries. Your child will receive quality education in both English and their native language by professional Indian teachers.

What Will You Receive?

When you support a child you will be given the profile of that child including:
  • Photograph of the child
  • Name, age and interests
  • School information
  • Information on family background
Communication between you, the sponsor, and the child is encouraged, but not required.